On Site Training

Rather than sending your Nurses or Healthcare Workers to our advertised courses, we can arrange for trainers to attend your workplace and deliver courses there exclusively for your own staff.

All of the courses in this brochure and on our website can be delivered on site. Generally speaking, approximately 10-20 people are required to make this feasible and cost effective. Some of the more practical courses require smaller numbers (around 10) to ensure adequate supervision of the skills.

What are the advantages and cost of on-site training?

The course content is tailored to your individual requirements. Also, the additional travelling and accommodation costs incurred by sending staff to courses elsewhere are avoided. It is often a more convenient way to train. Costs depend on a number of factors, such as the number of delegates, venue and number of sessions booked.

Can you invite external delegates to these courses?

Absolutely. Many areas charge external delegates a fee and can in fact profit from running a course.