Pop-Up Shops / Health Huts

Our Pop-Up Shops and Health Huts utilise open spaces or unoccupied retail units to create a temporary pop-up shop or gazebo, staffed by qualified nurses.

It can offer free advice, information and services to support a healthier lifestyle and creates an information hub on a wide range of health issues. Basic health checks can be offered such as Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Pressure (BP) and Blood sugars.

How can the Health Hut benefit the community?

By creating an adaptable, temporary pop-up space it can transform any space into an information hub on a wide range of health issues. Registered nurses can quickly see members of the community, answering questions, assessing symptoms and undertaking health checks on the spot.

Williams and associates would manage the project in conjunction with local councils or organisations and will assist you to find and set-up a suitable location, brand the space to make it inviting and informative, promote the event and staff the space during its duration. Due to the flexible nature of the Health hut, there is a wide range of possibilities for the council to co-brand and influence the facility, so that it represents local practice and health priorities.

What are the next steps?

To have this fantastic opportunity to benefit your community please contact us for an initial free consultation where all details can be discussed.