MOTs for Health

The Health MOT offers screening for individual risk factors such as undiagnosed or poorly controlled Blood Pressure (BP) or undiagnosed Diabetes.

If these conditions are already present, the MOT can help to minimise their impact by empowering the individual with easily understood information and advice. Where appropriate, clients are also given advice on medication compliance, healthy eating etc.

What does the MOT offer?

The advantage of a Health MOT is that it goes directly into the community or the workplace, offering testing in a non-clinical setting and reaching people who would not normally be regular attendees to medical services.

Each Health MOT event offers individuals the following checks:

MOT for Health days can range from small scale two-hour events to larger full-day events, depending on the requirements of the clients.

"I liked the fact that I could have the MOT in my local library and not have to make an appointment"

"Everyone was so friendly and offered advice but did not appear to be judgmental"

"A good source of information on health related issues which affect most of us"

"The information here has helped me look at ways of stopping smoking"

"I was really surprised that some of the health issues that my family had may put me at risk of developing similar conditions, but the information here has allowed me to look at ways of minimising the risks"

"Really good idea to get health information in a format that is accessible at work or in the community"