About Us

Williams and Associates is a small and friendly healthcare training company who value themselves on being able to provide excellent training on a wide range of topics.

We are more than happy to consider all areas of health care training, so if there is a topic that is not identified in this booklet, please give me a call and I would be happy to discuss your individual requirements and identify the best way forward. We employ facilitators from a wide range of expertise, e.g. acute, community, psychiatry and Professions Allied to Medicine. We evaluate all of our sessions and are consistently evaluated as either excellent or good for the quality of the study sessions.

We would be happy to supply contact names for previous training as a point of reference. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any questions that you might like to discuss. I look forward to being able to offer you training courses in the future.

Yours sincerely

Edward Williams

(MA (Health Care Law and Ethics), RGN, RNT, PGCEA, Diploma in Management)

Meet the Team

Eddy Williams Founder and CEO

MA (Health Care Law and Ethics), RGN, RNT, PGCEA, Diploma in Management, A.E.D. Instructor.

Eddy has over forty years' experience as a health care professional. Most of his experience has been within critical care and the acute sector. He regularly teaches on a wide variety of health care issues, in particular law and ethics related to health. More recently has undertaken projects with NHS England / NHS London and local Councils in Pop-up shops for health. He has a strong interest in trying to promote health changes to the wider public and has extensive experience of delivering health MOTs to community groups.

Sheila Williams Director, community projects and healthy living training

RGN, R.H.V, NNEB, Certificate in Diabetes Care [Warwick University], FAW Instructor (HSE Approved), A.E.D. Instructor, P.T.L.L.S.

Sheila worked as a cardiac nurse specialist and was responsible for setting up a cardiac rehabilitation service in Newham in East London. Sheila has given many presentations on the role of Cardiac Rehabilitation and on other areas of cardiac disease. She has over thirty years nursing experience, a large part of which has been community and health education related. Sheila regularly teaches on all aspects of health education and cardiac rehabilitation and holds qualifications in facilitating Exercise classes and Basic Life Support training sessions. More recently Sheila has undertaken projects as project manager for local councils and NHS England (London) which have involved setting up and staffing "Pop-up Health shops" in unoccupied shops in communities, these have proved very successful.

Ben Williams Associate Director, Health and Safety Training

Ben is an emergency worker who is a very experienced first aid trainer. He leads Williams and Associates on all Health and Safety related issues. Ben has a specific interest in exercise and health and is a personal trainer with a special interest in nutrition.